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Jahan foulad gharb

Manufacturer of all kinds of steel beams, studs, corners and other steel sections

Exporter of samples from 2013 to 2022 in Kermanshah province

The first producer of ultra-light iron beams for export in the country

At a glance

In 1384, the executive operation of building Jahan Fulad Gharb Company, 35 km from Kermanshah, began, and with the efforts of hardworking and tireless managers and employees, it reached trial production at the end of 2007. The first phase of this complex received its operating permit from the Department of Industries and Mines in 2008, and in a short time, the manufactured steel beam product was able to receive Iran’s national standard permit. Jahan Fulad Gharb Complex Company is equipped with a hot rolling system with the latest technology and has the ability to produce beam, corner and stud products with a capacity of 300,000 tons per year.

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quality guarantee

Using advanced laboratories, we continuously check the quality of products in terms of mechanical properties and chemical composition.

Standard in products

The products produced in Jahan Foulad Gharb company are all produced according to the world's standards and with the quality required for export.
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International business

Steel products are exported to regional and European countries by the international trading unit of Jahan Foulad Gharb Company.

Presence in the regional market

Jahan Foulad Gharb company has been one of the top exporters in the region for the past few years, which has brought high foreign exchange to the country by selling its products.

social responsibility

As an exemplary production unit in the country and region, we always pay special attention to our social responsibilities in all our activities.

Responsible performance

The activities of Jahan Fould Gharb Company have always promoted profit and social benefit and are beyond the interests of the organization.


Development plans for production lines and factories are designed by the engineering and development assistant in the research and development unit of Jahan Fulad Gharb company.

Technological development

The R&D unit of Jahan Fould Gharb company is always researching and trying to develop valuable and new products, processes and services.

Top exporter of the country to the region

With the ability to produce 300,000 tons of steel products annually, especially iron beams, and export to the countries of the region, Jahan Fould Gharb has a significant contribution to the prosperity of the export sector and foreign exchange to the country.


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During the years of its activity, Jahan Foulad Gharb Company has been able to win many honors and awards in the production and export sectors, and by maintaining the principles of customer orientation, it has received consumer rights certificates.

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The experience of buying the products of Jahan Fould Gharb Company is considered a successful and pleasant experience due to the high quality of the products and services they provide, as well as timely delivery and very suitable packaging.
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The orders we had were delivered to us on time and properly. Buying from Jahan Foulad Gharb is considered very convenient and economical for us due to its proximity to the Iraqi border.
Mr. Maturianpour - Iraq