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Introducing the jahan foulad gharb

Shokri Industrial-Commercial Group was established in Kermanshah province in the 50s. This group consists of rolling factories for all kinds of steel beams and sections, simple and ribbed rebar rolling, and industrial machinery manufacturing factories. In 2017, Shukri Group was able to establish the Biston Iron Smelting Complex Company in order to complete its production process from iron ore to final steel products, taking into account the need to pay attention to the steel production chain in line with the group’s long-term goals.

At present, Jahan Fould Gharb company, which has more than 350 skilled and experienced personnel while producing and offering a quality and competitive product, succeeded in obtaining a standard license from the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research and became the largest steel unit of The west of the country.this company with high influence in foreign markets, including Iraq and Afghanistan, should achieve significant exports and take the title of exemplary exporter.

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Jahan Fould Gharb company

honor of Jahan Fould Gharb

  • premier exporter in 2011, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 2019
  • premier Country working group in 2013
  • premier national entrepreneur in 2011
  • The employer supporting the worker in 2013
  • premier National industrial unit in 2018
  • National certificate of compliance with consumer rights in 2013
  • premier national entrepreneur in 2010
  • premier employer of the province in 2010 and 2011
  • The best and efficient entrepreneur in the national production festival, national pride
  • Obtaining a certificate of compliance with consumer rights in the years 2012, 13, 14, 15, 2016
  • premier entrepreneur of 2009
  • premier production unit of 2012
  • premier Provincial working group in 2012
  • Young sample manager of the country in 2013
  • premier Industrial unit of the province in 2013
  • premier Quality unit in 2014
  • Holder of ISO 9001- ISO140001- OHSAS certificates


∗ Achieving a green steel industry by maintaining excellence in localization with a focus on knowledge, quality and technology

∗ Becoming the most customer-oriented, successful and respected Iranian company

Our mission

∗ Efforts to develop the product portfolio

∗ Production of the best economic product with quality